Update v1.2.1: The Big-Ol' Post-Launch Update

After getting a bit of feedback, we've done a lot of work!
Lots of new features, fixes, and fun things this build. 

CHANGE LOG (8-20-17)

  • Snazzy new Parry particle effect added
  • Audio Reverb added to DM_Altar, DM_Hall, DM_Rampart, and DM_Singularity
  • Water particle effects added to DM_Hall
  • Waving Banner added to DM_Rampart
  • Options menu has been cleaned up. The Graphics Dropdown, resolution, and fullscreen toggle should be working as intended, as well as the addition of the AI Difficulty selection.
  • Adjustments to the volume sliders in the Options menu now accurately affects the volume in game
  • Fixed "Samurai" bug allowing the AI to score a win post-round-over voice announcement.
  • Ludacrious mode added. Original Hard mode AI is still available in case we want to roll back, but Ludacrious now features much, much smarter AI.
  • Animations for characters shortened to more accurately reflect the animation lengths of attacks
  • Animations for stunned fixed to more accurately reflect the length of Hitstun (No more freezing!)
  • Hitstun times reduced on Medium stance to better condense gameplay
  • Fixed bug allowing Ludacrious AI to hammer combos on players during pauses, and round overs
  • Character Select updated to reflect menu screen
  • Character Select (Hopefully) now states if the opponent will be an AI
  • Enyo now has particle trails on her weapon! Yay!
  • Timer now set to 90 seconds on beginning of round.
  • Particles for FX_Hit and FX_Dash increased in size to allow for better vision in games
  • Normal AI difficulty adjusted for changes in AI 
  • Options menu now has occlusion behind for better visibility of text
  • Increased range of pitch shifting for Sound effects in game
  • Masondogg studio opening movie skip option now available for people who have signed the EULA
  • Removed mouse controls for menu. EventSystem now selects buttons for easier controller and keyboard management of menu screens
  • Pause screen similarly selects the resume option as default

~Changelog by PineCone

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